Quincy Junior High School Historical Information Aerial Photo

Quincy Junior High School | 100 S. 14th St. Quincy, IL

In 1928 the school board purchased the land for the construction of a new High School. They paid $36,515 for the lot, which was located next to the then current high school at 12th & Maine St.

In 1929, school board members along with architect George Behrensmeyer took a trip to Danville, IL to inspect their high school and draw inspiration for the new school.

In 1931, The Kaempen company of Quincy was awarded the contract on their bid of $1,198,858 for the entire work completed.

The cornerstone of the building was placed by Senator J. Leroy Adair of Quincy, who stated the new building and educational opportunities would allow for a new era of enlightenment for Quincy students.

 An interesting note regarding the cornerstone. Within the corner stone was sealed a metal box, measuring fourteen by six Inches, and six inches deep. Inside was placed a “number of documents, papers and pictures which probably will prove of great interest to future generations whenever the building is razed and the cornerstone opened.  Such an occasion will occur one hundred years from now”, stated superintendent Steiner estimated.

The school’s gym would be touted as one of the best in the entire country, featuring a swimming pool larger than most high schools, measuring 35 feet by 75 feet.

Opened in 1933 as the “new” Quincy Senior High at 14th and Maine The building sits along Historic Maine Street in Quincy and is five stories tall, with mosaic details enscripted on the walls. In 1937, eighth and ninth graders were added to the building to relieve crowding at elementary schools. As years went on, it was apparent that the 8–12 setup was not working and a change was needed. The school board decided to build a state of the art high school at 30th and Maine (the site of Baldwin Park) and to convert the current building into a 7th through 9th grade junior high school.

1957 Aerial Photo

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